Another reason for the party… Human Interaction!

kimb —  June 26, 2013

Many of you may think that the only reason I wrote “With Love…The New Generation of Party People” was to raise five million dollars for non-profits.  That is one of the reasons.  However there is another reason for the party.  Human Interaction.

Lost are the connections that fueled our spirits in our youth. So busy are our days, filled with tasks that consume us, that we have forgotten the reason for our existence. To merely exist cannot be the purpose for our life! Laboring through day after day just to look back in the end and say, “Hmmmm. That was uneventful,” is not how we should be living. We were put on this earth to interact, build relationships, provide compassion, and love one another. We need to reconnect and take care of each other—not just the hungry and the poor, but our neighbors, coworkers, friends, families, and ourselves. I believe there is so much love in our hearts that if let unleashed it could cure the world of all its sorrows.

The following video came from Ted Talks and it really resonated with me.  I realized that while I am the Queen of Parties and the Queen of Connecting, I am guilty of some of the things that were spoken of during this talk.  It is so important for us to foster the relationships we have.  In the talk Sherry Turkle speaks how we love Facebook, twitter, and texting because we can control everything.  That in real life relationships can be messy and boring and unpredictable.  We need to embrace that!  I think this is video worth watching.  I will certainly be throwing a With Love.. party to connect people.  But more importantly I will be inviting my children out to dinner…a dinner that my cell phone will not be invited to.

Ted Talk on Technology and its Effects on Human Connection!


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