Party Planner

This page is designed to get you started on planning your soulful With Love… Party.

Necessary Items List

Here are some things you will need before getting the party started:

With Love Book Cover

1. Our Newsletter.

All of our party angels are invited to register to receive updates, codes, party tips, special offers, and giveaways!

2. The Book.

Start by ordering your copy of With Love…The New Generation of Party People at

2. A Facebook account.


It is not imperative that you become a member of Facebook to host With Love parties. It is not a mandatory component of the With Love project. Facebook simply can be used as a platform for all of the “Party People” who would like to share their party stories and pictures. In addition, it serves as a method of communication and provides a place for announcements of promotional giveaways. If you’re not already a member of Facebook, you can activate an account using this link. If you already have a Facebook account, simply “Like” the With Love Party page.

3. An eVite account.

logo10Create and activate your free Evite account at Electronic invitations, available from the Invite tab of each Party Page on this site, make the invitation process a piece of cake.

4. An iTunes Account.

itunes_logoEach Party Page has a Playlist tab with a list of songs that have been specifically selected to add flare to your party. Use the songs as background music during your party, and consider gifting them to each of your guests as a Parting Gift! You’ll need an iTunes account with a credit card on file to purchase the songs. If you don’t already have one, you can follow the instructions available at this link to get set up.

5. A Pinterest Account.

Pinterest_LogoPinterest is a great way to get and share ideas for decorations and food presentation. If you don’t already have an account, create one here.

6. A way to play back YouTube videos for your guests to watch.

All the videos you’ll be showing your guests are linked from and/or embedded on the Party Pages on this website. You obviously want to play them back on a large enough screen for all your guests to see. You can do this by connecting your computer or laptop to your flat-screen TV if it has a computer input (you’ll need the appropriate VGA, DVI, or HDMI cable for you computer and TV combination). This is the easiest solution in most cases.

You can also connect your iPod or iPad using an A/V connector which is available at places like Best Buy and the Apple Store. Connectors vary based on your specific device, so if you’re not tech-savvy, enlist the help of a friend or sales associate who can help.