Action! Party Entertainment

Movie Premiere Mystery Dinner

“Driving Miss Crazy”

This hilarious mystery dinner has been written especially for your With Love “Action!” party!

It’s a Red Carpet kind of night! There’s the predictable glitz, glamour, and gossip. But, tonight there will also be mystery and intrigue!

Guests reveal their clues and their suspicious behaviors become more and more apparent as the dinner continues. Just as coffee and dessert are being served, the guesses of the thief’s identity come rolling in, until finally…the thieving bandit dramatically confesses!


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And the Winner Is

Gold plastic award statues accented with a star and film reel are available at:


Props Department

We have set up a shop where you can purchase all you need to set the scene of your movie premier. There you will find a red carpet perfect for welcoming your guests, paparazzi scene setters, premiere photo op banner, crime tape, awards, and all the goodies necessary for a fabulous swag bag!


Popcorn Jar Labels

popcorn swag

Print these popcorn jar labels on Avery® Round 2-1/2″ Labels [item # 22830].


You can purchase great popcorn seasoning multipacks at this link:


Action! Party Items

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