Inner Beauty Entertainment


Play this video for your guests to remind them just how beautiful they really are!


For the “Inner Beauty” activity at the party, the following sample letter should be emailed to the person of contact for each guest. For more information, refer to your copy of With Love… The New Generation of Party People.


Feminine and flirty, these mirrors are sure to add a little bling to your guest’s purse while allowing them to remember the “Flight” party and all the things that make them beautiful on the inside.

Description and details:

  • Each measures 2.5″ round.
  • Compact case is made of sturdy silver matte finish hard molded plastic.
  • The cover has an elaborate rhinestone LOVE design with a checkerboard pattern and a heart shaped “O”.
  • Opens at a side hinge to reveal a dual glass mirror interior with one regular mirror and one magnified for those times when you need a closer look.
  • Packaged in a clear plastic box with a metallic silver ribbon tie and bow and an attached round “For You” tag in a matching black and white checkerboard design with heart accents.

In addition to this compact you will be sending them home with their letters which could be displayed in a frame for an added touch.

Flight Party Items

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