Wish Invitation

Important Step!

Before we explain how to send your invitations, it is vital to tell you about what you should do immediately after receiving an RSVP response. The document linked below titled “From Your Fairy Godmother” should be sent to those guests who have replied yes. There is no way to attach it to the evite so it will have to be emailed. This needs to go out immediately as it is an integral part of the planning process for this party. It spells out what tyope of things you will need to start collecting for her guests to make their wish board.

The Invitations

You have plenty of options for creating and sending your With Love… Wish Party invitations. The key is to not give away the surprise that this party will support Give Kids the World. So as you create your invitations, be sure to hint that the party is in support of a great cause, but don’t tell them everything! Cut and paste the details below into your Evite® invitation (Evite® link below):




Your Fairy Godmother, (your name here)


Wishing to turn your Saturday
into a Sundae!

When you wish upon a star
it makes no difference who you are
So wish a little wish for me
to share with all my company
A wish that’s given from your heart
to give to one another
A with that you would like from me
Your sweet fairy God Mother

Bring only your wishes and debit/credit card to make a $20 donation to a life changing charity!

Together…With Love…we can change the world one party at a time!

We’ve provided a few tools to help you get your invitations on their way!

By Email

If you prefer to go the digital route, below is a link to the template we used at Evite.com. This template requires that you upload an image that will be the background of the invitation. The image below is a beautiful one to use! [Tip: The Evite process is quicker if you set up an account before creating your invitations.]

By Snailmail

If you’d rather send paper invitations by traditional mail, your options are limitless. The key is to not give too much away about the party, but…

  • be clear that it is a party intended to support a charity. They should come prepared to give.
  • DON’T reveal the party theme, but DO describe the suggested attire so your guests will come dressed appropriately.