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Test Party Next Saturday!

Test Party Next Saturday!

Femininity, fun, and fantastic prizes are the name of the game with the Let’s Roll party. Your Bunco Beauties deserve nothing but the best, and for this party you will transform your gaming room into a mini Monte Carlo. Adorned in black, hot pink, and a little bit of bling, the tone will be set with the rolling of dice and the sweet sounds of jazz. Delectable appetizers, refined yet so simple, will have your guests thinking you’ve had this event catered especially for them. Finish the event by showering them with themed prizes, and your evening is sure to be a hit!

The Let’s Roll Party benefits UCP Wheels for Humanity.  UCP Wheels for Humanity’s mission is to provide increased self-sufficiency, mobility, and education to people with disabilities throughout the world, without regard to political affiliation, religious belief, or ethnic identity.

Currently there are an estimated seventy million children and adults living in the United Nations member states who are in need of wheelchairs. Lack of access or money prohibits them from obtaining the one thing that would improve their lives forever. UCP Wheels for Humanity is working hard to change this. With their small staff and three hundred volunteers, UCP Wheels for Humanity collects, recycles and refurbishes more than 230,000 pounds of wheelchairs and parts annually. All wheelchairs are refurbished to industry standards and must pass quality-control checks performed by trained wheelchair professionals. In addition, UCP Wheels for Humanity is one of the few international organizations that customizes seating systems to meet the needs of the recipient. To accomplish these undertaking, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and certified rehabilitation technology suppliers attend seating clinics at distribution centers worldwide—and they travel on their own dime!

Once the wheelchairs have arrived at one of the distribution centers, UCP Wheels for Humanity brings these professionals together to host seating clinics that ensure the chair fits the client appropriately. They further assist by providing training to local medical professionals and pass on the knowledge and tools that guarantee continued support for the client. Additionally, they educate caregivers regarding proper care and use of the wheelchair. It is important to note that this service does not end once the recipient has received the wheelchair. They are regularly evaluated to ensure the wheelchair continues to meet their needs. If adjustments or a new chair are needed, they are provided. To date, UCP Wheels for Humanity has provided over 60,000 wheelchairs to people in need.



Party with a Purpose!

kimb —  June 16, 2013 — 2 Comments

Throwing a party with a purpose has never been easier!

“With Love…The New Generation of Party People” is a book created specifically to raise $5 million for 10 targeted non-profit organizations annually.  Each non-profit has been evaluated and ranked through Charity Navigator to ensure the promotion of only those charities which are fiscally responsible.

My passion for entertaining and giving theme-based parties, coupled with the belief that collectively we can change the world one small step at a time, quickly helped develop this vision.  With this book, and accompanying website, hosts are able to present soulful experiences by providing unique and thought-provoking parties touching the hearts and souls of their guests.  The knowledge that each party benefits a select non-profit enriches their lives further and assists in developing a belief system that collectively small contributions amount to substantial results impacting the lives of their fellow human beings.

With the understanding that giving a party is time consuming this book attends to every detail needed in making the party a huge success. The experience starts the moment the guest receives the invitation…always a surprise as to the theme of the party but with clear understanding that a $20 donation is expected from each guest for a life changing charity.  Each party is designed specifically for the featured non-profit and while intricate in nature will have, at minimum, the following:  pre-designed invitation electronically available, a presentation unveiling the organization that the party will benefit, creative and unique activities designed specifically for that party, menu with recipes and shopping list, playlist designed for theme, and a parting gift.  Parties are always positive in nature and created with the goal of touching the guests’ heart. 

Donations for the parties are given in the form of “Text to Give” or a through link which would send the money directly to the organization.  The formula is simple and easily attainable – 50 States, 50 parties in each, 10 guest minimum, $20.00 per guest. This formula, completed each month will result in $500,000 per charity.  The website’s tracking mechanism will allow guests to watch the progress their dollars are making.  Marketing for this project is currently being developed with target audiences already identified.  Two additional books, “With Love…The New Generation of Party Children” and “With Love…The New Generation of Party Christians,” will also be released in hopes of exceeding the original goal.

With Love…The New Generation of Party People Commercial